Video Game Homebrew Wiki

Welcome to the Video Game Homebrew Wiki!

The purpose of Video Game Homebrew Wiki is to archive as much information on homebrew games produced on PHYSICAL MEDIA for their respective Consoles/Handheld/Computer. Such a list will never be complete, But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

What are Homebrews?

Homebrew Games are original games programmed and designed from scratch to work on older or obsolete hardware.

What are Hacks?

Hacks are games which were originally another game and altered to be something else. Hacks can be more simple graphical hacks such as changing the sprites of Pitfall Harry and the enemies into an alternate theme, or functional hacks that change the gameplay. Some hacks are very extensive. 

What are Reproductions?

Reproductions are games which were reproduced because for whatever reason are difficult and expensive to obtain otherwise or the games never made into full production before being cancelled, and further still, they could be games released in other regions and converted.

What are Demo & Non-Games?

Demo and Non-Games have numerous functions, none of which are actual games. Music players/makers, diagnostic carts, image displayers, demo or beta carts, or ROM players and flash carts.

What are Prototypes and One-of-a-Kind Games?

Prototypes and one-of-a-kinds are either test copies of a game that was made or a one-off production. 

Where to Purchase Homebrew Games?