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Vectrex running Mine Storm

Although the Vectrex -- the only console ever made that had vector graphics -- was in production for only two years initially, it has since enjoyed a strong homebrew following, starting in 1995, with dozens of demos and new games created since.

List of homebrew offerings


  • Blazin’Games
  • Capital S Software
  • CGE Services Inc.
  • Classic Game Creations
  • Clay Cowgill
  • Mark De Smet
  • FURY
  • Good Deal Games
  • Herbs64
  • Richard Hutchinson
  • Sean Kelly
  • Ville Krumlinde
  • Madtronix
  • Packrat Video Games
  • Recycled Gamer
  • Revival Studios
  • Christopher Salomon
  • Mark Shaker
  • Tutstronix
  • Vectorzoa
  • VectrexMad! Productions