June 4th

Turns out it was true My team opened up a small area of jungle where we knew there was a cave mouth. We weren't expecting the level of clearly Mayan decoration and architecture surrounding it. My people kept it quiet and have, thankfully, left it undisturbed until I can get there. Doesn't sound like anyone's been down there for a while, although there's evidence of some ill-advised attempts at gold mining by the Spanish to the north, but that's a few hundred years old.

I'll reach the site tomorrow. It's going to be a hell of a day.

You're an adventurer who has set out to find an ancient lost crown. Legend says the crown broken into three pieces and hidden in an old abandoned mine. The crown can only be reassembled in the ancient throne room, which is also hidden in the mine. As you enter the mine, the entrance caves in and you realize that you're stuck - now you have two things on your mind, finding the lost crown and finding a way out of the mine!


  • Where to Buy: AtariAge
  • Programmer: Steve Engelhardt
  • Company:
  • Publisher: AtariAge
  • Manufacturer: AtariAge
  • Release Year: 2010
  • Limited: No
  • Numbered: No
  • Contents: Cartridge, Manual, Box, Poster
  • Players: 1
  • Controller: Joystick
  • Original Price: $30-$60

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