The Ultimate underground journey, but be forewarned - nothing less than perfection is required! Boulder Dash will challenge your mind and reflexes like no other game!

Rockford digs feverishly, as boulders crash down all around him, through 16 mystical caves and 5 levels of difficulties. In his relentless quest for gleaming jewels, Rockford works around walls or rock and avoids swirling fireflies. To win, he must turn his enemies into opportunities! He drops boulders through an enchanted wall, blocks the growing amoeba, transforms butterflies - magically turning them into precious stones! If he collects his required number of diamonds, the mysterious escape tunnel is revealed. After every 4 caves there is a playable intermission.

It will take all the strategy and thought you can muster to master the "physics" of Boulder Dash. Join Rockford and experience the excitement and beauty that awaits you.


  • Where to Buy: Sold Out
  • Programmer: Andrew Davies, thomas Jentzsch
  • Company:
  • Publisher: AtariAge
  • Manufacturer:
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Limited: Yes (250)
  • Numbered:
  • Contents: Cartridge, Manual, Box, Diamonds
  • Players: 1
  • Controller: Joystick
  • Original Price: $75

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